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Sekten is Josefine Lindstrand and Qarin Wikström - voice, Simon Toldam Rosengren - piano, Stephan Sieben - guitar, Putte Johander - bass and Knut Finsrud - drums.

Sekten's debut album, Annars är det tyst, was released in 2005 and received a Danish Music Award for best vocal release. In late 2008, they released their number two, Mäktiga Vingar, once again showing their talent for alternative and intuitive songwriting.

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Kryn (HR)

Creatively fresh ideas, perfect blend of heavy riffs and melodic-atmospheric parts with impressive vocal presentation is what really makes this band apparent in the sea of bands copying themselves, trying to be heavier, more technical and brutal than ever, somehow forgetting the idea of writing good music.

Coming from a relatively small country where they have already left impressive marks with their energetic and powerful performances playing on numerous festivals they have established themselves as a young and perspective band, competent for much larger music scene.

Origins of Kryn reach back to 2008. With Karlo Horvat on vocals, Marko Vladilo on bass, Rade Malobabic and Mario Tomaskovic on guitars, and Igor Malob...

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The Toughened