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Habib Mousa (SY)

Habib Mousa was born in the northeast Syrian city of Malikye (Derik) with origin from Azekh. He was raised in the city of Qamishli where he began his musical career. Already at a young age the unusual voice of Habib Mousa was recognized. In the church choir he was appointed by Yusef Shamun at the age of 10 years to be the lead singer of the choir. At that time he attended school with his friends like Jan Karat and the later bishop of Aleppo (Hanna Ibrahim).

In the years around 1967 some activists of the Assyrian Democratic Organization tried to introduce the folklore song in the western tongue. Habib Mousa was noticeable also to this circle of acquaintances and they chose him to be the first singer to sing a folklore song in ...

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Naser Razzazi (TR)

Osman Abdulrahim

Ramy Essam (EG)

Ramy Essam (Arabic: رامى عصام‎‎, pronounced [ˈɾɑːmi ʕeˈsˤɑːm]; born 1987) is an Egyptian musician.[1] He is best known for his appearances in Tahrir Square in Cairo during the Egyptian Revolution of 2011.

Essam was born in 1987 in Mansoura, Egypt.[2]

His song Irhal, in which then Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak was urged to resign, gained great popularity among the demonstrators. It became internationally known through YouTube, and is referred to as the anthem of the revolution. In 2011, it was selected by Time Out as the third-most world-changing song of all time. He currently sings hard rock songs, one of the few singers in Egypt to sing rock. Ramy also expressed his mourning of the revolution's martyrs on Facebo...

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Safoura Safavi (IR)