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Sven Zetterberg

Talking about blues players outside America it´s hard to leave out Sven Zetterberg, Sweden´s most versatile artist in this field.Being both an excellent singer,guitarist,songwriter and harmonicaplayer extraordinary,he has become a house-hold name all over Scandinavia.Born in Skärblacka on the 28th of March in 1952,Sven took music seriously enough to perform in school at the age of seven.

"I didn´t know any real english words and couldn´t actually play any instrument but my grand-mother had bought me an acoustic guitar that I fooled around with trying to mimic Elvis Presley.The first black performer I heard was Little Richard and he almost drove me crazy with his wild,frantic singing."In 1964 he first heard Mick Jagger play har...

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Knock-out Greg

Jakob Norgren Big Band Splash

Composer, arranger and saxophonist Jakob Norgren started the band in 2004 to play original modern jazz & classic soul/r&b. Big Band Splash only play new original arrangements. Vocalists in the 22-piece band are Marino Valle and the Bondesson sisters (Greta, Stella & Sunniva) from Slaptones/Baskery.

Live the band can be an experimental jazz orchestra playing with electronic backtracks as well as a pure gigantic soul band.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Wide Meadow Soul (2005), with guests Sven Zetterberg and Jonas Kullhammar.
East Of The Arctic Circle (2007)

In 2010 the name of the band was shortened to just Big Band Splash and focus is now on soul/r&b/souljazz. Jakob Norgren...

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