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Francobollo (UK)

"These dirty little Swedish scoundrel rockers come all the way from Sweden. A place full of beautiful people, some of the finest up and coming bands we (eARmusic) have heard of late and swede vegetables, the sweetest veg of all. But that's where the sweetness ends. Francobollo like to blend balls out the bath punk rock with their own delicious recipe of chunky live drum samples and some of the dirtiest hooks we can remember hearing. If they were a soup, they'd be some kind of full fat, Campbell's Chunky, meat n root veg combination. None of this noodle or "cream of" nonsense. I'm seeing an off-white, poorly recycled label with bold, black letters on the can. Throw in some heartwarmingly humble lyrics, the guarantee of semi nudity on stag...

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Doctor Dunbars Medicine Band

DDMB as they Hip Hop-esquely call themselves is an Indie rock band from Lund, Sweden. Easy listening and quite similar to bands such as The Strokes, The Who, The Beatles, Kaiser Chiefs and many more. Check it out! Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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