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Wang Wen (CN)

Wang-Wen = 惘闻

Wang Wen (惘闻, wǎng wén), Dalian post rock band

Wang Wen's music is a mix of sad sweet melodies, heavy, noisy guitars, and Chinese scales. Close your eyes and you will easily lose yourself in the ambiance created by their music. It takes you back to the scenes of your favorite movies. Wang Wen are influenced by Tortoise, Mogwai, Mono, and Red Red Meat. Their new album will be released on the new record label recently founded by Beijing record dealer Zhao Chenhong.


Guitar: Xie Yugang (谢玉港) / Geng Xin (耿鑫)
Bass: Zheng Zi (铮子)
Drums: Lian Jiang (连江)


The band was formed in the city of Dalian, a busy seaport in northeast China, in the ye...

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