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Negură Bunget (RO)

Negură Bunget is a folk-influenced atmospheric black metal band from Timișoara, Romania. The band was formed in early 1995 by Hupogrammos (guitars, vocals, keyboards) and Negru (drums). The duo’s first demo, "From Transilvanian Forests", was recorded at Magic Sound Studio in Bucharest, November 1995, and released at the end of the same year, under the band’s original name, Wiccan Rede. The release of this demo was preceded by the band’s first live performance, in Buzau (June 1995) and was then followed by concerts all around Romania.
Once their conceptual perspective shifted towards the exploration of the universe and spirituality of their ancestors, the band’s name changed to Negură Bunget. The new approach became clearly evident ...

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Moribund Oblivion (TR)

Moribund Oblivion was formed by Bahadir Uludaglar in the year of 1999. There have been many member changes in the group until this day and they have found their ideal line up with guitar and vocals by Bahadir Uludaglar, second guitar and back vocals by Ugur Ke..ioglu and drums by Fatih Kanik. Moribund Oblivion put their first work 'Like a Falling Haze' on the market in 2002.This work was limited and sold as a EP. In this EP, Moribund Oblivion worked with Vedat Sakman who is an experienced and respected Turkish musician far from the bands style... The aim of this EP was to promote the first album 'Khanjar'. Khanjar was out on 6 january 2004. On the same day Moribund Oblivion performed a premiere concert supporting the famous metal group '...

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