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Shapednoise (IT)

Born in Palermo 1/12/1989. He got into dance and rave culture,and particularly electronic music when he was 14.
In 2009 he moves to Milan for studying "Audio Engineering"at Sae Institute, and he begins to dedicate himself to production of techno music.

In 2010, several travels to Berlin and the confidence of his friend Ascion, has been new motivating forces to keep on his first productions.
He starts to crunk out his first releases, pretty much “canonical” techno, soon getting to the development of a very personal sound, orientated to experimental sound design with an industrial background.
His works meet immediatly a great success among the insiders.

In june 2011, after finishing his studies, he m...

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Oake (DE)

OAKE is an emerging Berlin duo Eric and Bathseba, who together alchemize their own variant of dark, atmospheric techno inspired by British post-industrial acts and the occult. Their ominous, decaying soundscapes are cut through with stuttering, hypnotic percussion and sibylline vocals.

OAKE's debut EP Offenbarung was released on Downwards in April 2013, and followed later that year by a second 12" titled Vollstreckung. They returned to the same label to release a debut LP, Auferstehung, in December 2014. In 2016 they joined forces with Stroboscopic Artefacts to produce a release as part of the label's Monad series. Like their previous work, their new EP Monad XXIV immediately establishes a tight hold on the listener's consciou...

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