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Protex (IE)

There are 2 bands with the name Protex:
1) A punk band from Belfast, Ireland, formed in 1978.
2) A punk band from Cluj, Romania, formed in 1993.

1) In 1977, four schoolfriends formed the Incredibly Boring Band and did a few gigs playing covers of Thin Lizzy and Dr Feelgood songs. However, they were soon smitten by the punk bug and decided that they wanted to play energic pop like the Buzzcocks and the Ramones. So they started to write their own songs and then decided to change the band name to Protex Blue(the name coming from the title of a song of the Clash). The band - Aidan Murtagh(guitar/vocals), David McMaster(guitar/vocals), Paul Maxwell(bass/vocals) and Owen McFadden(drums) - played their 1st gig under the new...

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