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44 Caliber

44 Caliber is a loud, hard, pumping, in your face rock-n-roll band that is so full of sleaze, debauchery, and mayhem that they’re sure to be banned world-wide. Your mothers are going to hate them. YOU are going to love them.

44Caliber started around 2006 by the
Band Members:
C.C. - vocals & tambourine
CHRIS - guitars & b.vox.
NIKKE - bass & b.vox.
FLODIZ - Drums

Summer 2009.
44caliber made official that the new band member
DIVINE - guitars & b.vox. was a member of the band. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Revolution Riot

Hailing from the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden, REVOLUTION RIOT is a combo, which combines the flare of the ’80s with the attack and rawness of the punk-era.

Since the start in 1998 the band has released two fullength albums; "Out of the gutter, into the light" (2001, Feedback boogie) and "Blues for the spiritually retarded" (2005, Deaf´n Dumb)and has also appeared on compilation albums, such as the Swedish Rolling Stones tribute "We love you - a tribute to rolling stones" (2005, Feedback booige)

The band has been the opening act for bands such as L.A Guns and has played festivals as the "Whole lotta love-festival","Swedish metal expo 2005" and "Stockholm rockrevelation 2"

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