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Merdam Boten (FR)

Antlers (DE)

There are five bands with the name Antlers, none of which should be confused with the band The Antlers, best known for their 2009 album, Hospice.

1)Antlers are comprised of a group of Richmond/DC musicians from bands such as Mass Movement of the Moth, Gregor Samsa, Resonance, and Olive Tree. The band plays melodic primarily instrumental mathy tunes that might remind you of bands like Don Cab, Ghost and Vodka, and June of 44.

2)A punk/grind band from seattle, Washington. Planned to release a split 10" with YCAD. Only did one tour but got a lot of attention sadly broke up after.

3)Antlers is a band from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Line-up consist of: Julius, Jonah, Yannick and Daan. They rock the coolest ci...

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