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Pallbearer (US)

Pallbearer is a doom metal band from Little Rock, Arkansas, United States. The band features two members of the psychedelic drone band SPORTS, as well as members of Soophie Nun Squad and Placid Eclipse.

Pallbearer released their debut album "Sorrow and Extinction" in February 2012 via Profound Lore Records to much critical acclaim.

They released their second album "Foundations of Burden" in August 2014.

The current line-up is:
Brett Campbell - vocals, guitar
Devin Holt - guitar
Joseph D. Rowland - bass
Mark Lierly - drums

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Bast (UK)

There are 5 bands with the name Bast:

1) Bast is a doom/black metal band from London, England, forming in 2008 as a two-piece with the inclusion of bass in 2010/11. Following the release of their debut full-length 'Spectres' in 2014 (Burning World/Black Bow Records), Bast embarked on extensive UK and European tours with Pallbearer, Conan and Ageless Oblivion, including numerous festival appearances – most notably Bloodstock (UK), Roadburn (NL), Damnation (UK), Incubate (NL), Into The Void (NL), Incineration (UK) and Doomed Gatherings (FR), among others.

2) Thrash Metal band (Official site:

3) Czech rock band (

4) Polish rock band (http://www.bastmusic.p...

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