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Snowy Shaw

Snowy Shaw, born Tommie Helgesson in 25 July 1968, is a Swedish heavy metal musician (primarily a drummer), based in the port city of Gothenburg in the west coast of Sweden. He has played with many heavy metal bands, like King Diamond, Dream Evil, Mercyful Fate, IllWill, Notre Dame and Memento Mori. He is currently working solo, after a split from Dream Evil in January 2006. He will be drumming for Deathstars on the January/February 2008 European tour with Korn.

Snowy is adept at playing guitar as well as drums and laterally featured as a primary songwriter in Dream Evil.

In October 2006 Snowy joined the symphonic metal band Therion, singing on the Gothic Kabbalah album and participating in the 2007 tour together...

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