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Ben-Joe & The Shipwreckers

Ben-Joe & the Shipwreckers comes from the little swedish town of Skövde. The band started out playing Ska/reggae and folk influenced rock music but due to rehearsal studio issues they started to rehearse in the band members apartments. When not being able use drum kit and amplifying equipment the band played on their acoustic instruments instead. Mathias dropped his saxophone and picked up his tin whistle, Kettil started to play on his newly bought mandolin instead of the drums and later on they also were joined by Alexander and his banjo. Ben-Joe had tried out different bass players but couldn't seem to keep any of them, but when Kristoffer who's an old friend of Mathias got home from living in Australia he joined the band that would la...

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Browsing Collection

The band was founded in 2008 in the deepest forest of Skövde, Sweden, where three young girls in ages between 11-15 decided to start a rock band. Out of nowhere they learned how to play instruments, wrote some kick ass-songs and recorded their first EP, which was the beginning of an epic journey.

During these past years many members have come and gone, but the message has always remained: Stand up for yourself, don't trust jerks, stay away from drugs and save the planet! With these opinions Browsing Collection has traveled across the country, praising in the name of rock n' roll.

Maybe you have seen them at Peace & Love, Getaway Rock, Putte i Parken, Siesta! or Sweden Rock Festival. Currently they released their ...

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