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Highway Festival 2015


There are mutiple artists that use this name. 1. Irish Thrash Metallers , 2. Brutal Death Metal , 3. Czech Progress Metal Band, 4. Australian Metal Band, 5. United States Thrash Metal Band

1. Ascendancy Bio
Ascendancy was formed in the summer of 2005 with the intention of creating fresh and exciting thrash metal that’s heavy, fast and melodic, but still in the traditional vein of 80’s era thrash.

The members hail from the towns of Ballymoney, Coleraine and Dervock. The original line up consisted of Mark McAuley (drums), Kenny McFeeley (bass), Danny McMullan (rhythm guitar + backing vocals), Chris McLaughlin (vocals) and Harrison Reed (lead guitar). Musical differences in the band saw the departure of Harrison a...

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Quake the Earth (FI)

Founded:March 30, 2012

Genre: Metal influenced Hardcore


Aki Häkkinen - Vocals
Juhani Lahdenperä - Guitar
Jani Kakko - Guitar
Sami Knuutinen - Bass
Aleksi Heiskanen - Drums

Hometown: Oulu, Finland

Record Label:Inverse Records

From the icy north Quake The Earth strikes hardcore metal with its diamond-edged debut EP. At the helm of this sledgehammer a combined union of young energy and solid experience bears a hellish fruit. The tectonic plates rumble as the force of nature from Oulu is being released on First Blood. After hearing the EP the likes of Raised Fist, Soilwork and Hatebreed are left wondering what blacked out their sun.


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Phidion was formed in Stockholm, Sweden in early 2003, after that the band Ruins of Time had split up. The former Ruins of Time members Christos Chatzikonstandinos (guitars), Martin Missy (vocals, also in Protector) and Mathias Öjermark (guitars, also in Obrero) started to look for a new drummer and a bassplayer right away.

Fredrik Lundquist (Talion, Obrero) who was without a band at that time, joined as a bass player.

Finally, in August 2003, Chris, Martin and Mathias met Alex and the line up was complete.

In early 2007, the first 5-track-demo was recorded and shortly after that Mathias decided to hang it up.

In the summer of 2009 Alex has to leave for work and decides that he has to leave the...

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