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Mordhundarna (AX)

Mordhundarna are a band from Åland, formed by Nicklas Lantz. Nicklas has long been active as a solo artist, but always longed to have a band playing the songs.
Mordhundarna play in the songs of rock / punk / alternative style, with Swedish lyrics and music written by Nicklas Lantz and Cim Dahlle.
Nicklas Lantz's full-time working as an actor and musician.
Cim Dahlle, who plays bass, has worked as a singer, guitarist and songwriter of Åland punk / garage rock band Buck Tramp and are now also available as frontman and songwriter of garage punk rockers Smuck Wagon.
Behind the drums sitting Nicolas "piglet" Panisse. Nicolas plays several instruments, but has mostly been working as a drummer in Åland indie band The Spiny N...

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