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Feastem (FI)

Feastem is a Finnish grindcore band, formed in 2005. Their music is fast and violent with touches of both "old" and "new school" grind plus 80-90's metal and hardcore. The lyrics span from nightmares, the coming apocalypse and bodily fluids to whatever pisses them off. Likes touring.

Petri Eskelinen (Vocals)
Olli Nokkala (Guitar)
Antti Saarilampi (Bass)
Patrik Fält (Drums)

Former members:
Kari Kallioinen (Vocals)

World Delirium (Obscene Productions, 2011)
Fear in Concrete (Scrotum Jus Records, 2008)
Worthless Promo (demo, 2007)
Psychotic Excess E.P. (demo, 2006)

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