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Emergenza Final




There is more than one artist with this name:

1) Irene are a pop band from Stockholm, Sweden signed to the popular Swedish label, Labrador.

They emerged in 2004 and released their debut effort Apple Bay in 2006. This was quickly followed by the 2007 long-player Long Gone Since Last Summer.

The band's membership is constantly revolving around a changing group of friends however they are mainly the project of vocalist/guitarist and songwriter, Tobias Isaksson (aka Bobby).

2) Irene is a eurobeat vocalist. Real Name: Linda Ongarelli.

3) Irene is a Houston-based indie/metal band made up of brothers Hector Oviedo, Oscar Oviedo and Dan Oviedo.
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Gravity of Love

Green Light District (FI)

Green Light District is an Hip-hop group from Helsinki, Finland. (previously known as Standard)

We are an Experimental Hip-hop group from Helsinki, Finland, called Green Light District. We have been playing toghether for three years under the name Standard, in genres such as funk, prog-rock and alternative rock. Since 2014 we've played hip-hop, with inspiration from the earlier mentioned genres, which led to our fresh start as Green Light District. We produce our own music.

Band members:

Max Majander (Bass, Vocals, Synth)
Toivo Hellberg (Guitar, Vocals, Synth)
Rami Bakieh (Drumbeats, Vocals, Synth) Read more on . User-contributed text is available ...

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