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Maxida Märak

Downhill Bluegrass Band

Downhill Bluegrass Band is a five-member bluegrass group from Torsakar, Sweden. The group is composed of Jonas Kjellgren on mandolin, Christoffer Olsson on guitar, Jimmy Sunnebrandt on bass and fiddle, Kenneth Kjellgren on banjo, and Jan Ekman on Dobro and Weissenborn. Jonas, Christoffer, and Jimmy all contribute to the lead vocals and harmony vocals, alternating between the two. Their sound is distinctively bluegrass, while distinctively individual at the same time. Their latest release is That One Straight Line. More information can be found on their website, Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Session Americana (US)

Session Americana sit tightly around a small café table, ambient mics tuned to catch the whole sound of the voices and instruments. Asuitcase drum kit, an old electric bass, a bunch of acoustic instruments, a field organ – this format feels very theatri-cal and though the musicians face each other, the audience feels drawn into the circle by the warmth, joy and camaraderie that emanate outwards by the all star cast of characters seated around the table. What keeps you coming back show after show is the same thing that any audience member longs for – great songs performed by a great band. The six core members of the band have brought enviable careers worth of experience to the "table", featuring (current and former) members of Treat Her R...

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