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Splattered Mermaids

Splattered Mermaids was formed in February 2005 by drummer Martin Schonherr (singer of swedish death metal band Deranged) and Johan Bergstrom. First demo "Bloodfreak" was released in August 2005. Splattered mermaids received great feedback and was contacted by Swedish label Inner Voice records which released the second album "Creation of wounds" in February 2006. Martin Eklöv (bassplayer of Visceral Bleeding) joined Splattered in March 2006 and the band played support to bands like Paul Dianno and Mustasch, followed-up by a mini tour in Czech Republic in June 2006 with bands like Pigsty, Holocausto Canibal, Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay, Cerebral turbulency, Smashed face, Parricide. Splattered's music was spread widel...

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