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Bear Bone Company

Straight Eight Diablo

PM Saari

PM Saari is a visual artist and musician, mainly a guitar player and songwriter, writing both music and lyrics, a producer and recording engineer - breathing art.

When PM first heard the Iron Maiden LP “The Number of the Beast” in the mid 80s he knew what he needed to do in his life. Spending the next years in his boy-room learning and understanding the art of guitar playing and music, he very soon started to write his own material and joining bands.

He is and has been involved in various bands/projects like: Inagone, 13 Chaos St, Lizard Eye, Straight 8 Diablo, Burnitude, Under, Torch and his own solo band, The PM Saari Band - Wonderfuel, among others. The reason he's involved in so many different projects and bands...

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