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Gamma Ray (DE)

Founded in 1989 by Kai Hansen in Hamburg, Germany after leaving Helloween, Gamma Ray borrowed straight from the Helloween classics, and continued to pioneer Hansen's style of power metal.

After four years with Helloween, Kai Hansen decided to leave the band at the height of their career. He then went on to do some studio work with Blind Guardian.

Kai and his friend Ralf Scheepers from Tyran' Pace decided to start a project. They recruited bassist Uwe Wessel and drummer Mathias Burchard. The resulting sound was very close to Helloween's power metal style.

The first album Heading For Tomorrow was released in 1990. Two lineup changes resulted in Uli Kusch (who would later join Helloween) becoming the ban...

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Serious Black

There is more than one artist with this name.

1. Serious Black is an international melodic power metal supergroup est. 2014.
Urban Breed (vocals) of Trail of Murder, ex-Bloodbound
Roland Grapow (guitars) of Masterplan, ex-Helloween
Dominik Sebastian (guitars) of Edenbridge
Mario Lochert (bass) of Emergency Gate, ex-Visions of Atlantis
Jan Vacik (keyboards & orchestra) ex-Dreamscape
Thomen Stauch (drums & percussion) of Savage Circus, ex-Blind Guardian

2. Serious Black is nicky & marek a two piece noise-rock band from Exeter. Bass and Drums power-duo. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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NeonFly (UK)

Neonfly are a young machine-tooled British metal collective. They bring an awesome array of tunes to the table and have been stunning concert audiences everywhere. They are a breath of fresh air to a jaded metal scene. Neonfly are the UK’s answer to the European melodic metal scene and more, a band tailored for a new generation of head-bangers all across the world and beyond. “Outshine The Sun” is their first studio effort, it promises a bright future ahead.

'TUNE! - High speed shredding and a bucketful of attitude' – CLASSIC ROCK

'Some may find themselves spontaneously throwing devil horns in salute to the Enemy and The Ornament's rampant melodic chuggery' – KERRANG!

'A Gift To Remember has the chorus to...

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