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Dot Allison (UK)

Dot Allison (born Dorothy Elliot Allison on 17 August 1969 in Edinburgh, Scotland) is a singer/songwriter who has made significant inroads in electronic music circles, most notably as a result of her tenure fronting the band One Dove from 1991 to 1995.

Following the split of One Dove in 1995, she released her debut single Tomorrow Never Comes in 1998 and the following year saw the LP, Afterglow, released to generally positive reviews. A song-oriented pop outing, it was followed by the electro and house music inspired We Are Science in 2002. Following her folk-like third effort, Exaltation of Larks, she continued further down this path and released her fourth solo album Room 7 1/2 in August 2009.

In addition to solo ...

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