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Jamie Lawson (IE)

So why give your time and attention to Jamie? It’s not as if there’s any obvious shortage of young singer-songwriters right now. Far from it. Wherever you turn, there’s yet another fresh-faced hopeful coming at you with a guitar and a claim on the future. But even in a crowded marketplace there will always be room for an artist who has what it takes to be better than the rest. And if you love music and have a heart and a pair of ears, you’ll recognise within the space of just one song that here is exactly that sort of someone. A musician and lyricist of uncommon and mature gift, and one blessed with a gloriously fluid and expressive voice.
The back story? Jamie was born and raised in Plymouth in what was he says a resolutely non-mus...

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Nicky William

The 19-year-old artist Nicky William has been acknowledged for his unique voice. Some even dare to compare Nicky with the legendary Johnny Cash.
From a mixture of small town-syndromes and archipelago idylls, among the quarters of Oxelösund, the distinctive singer/songwriter Nicky William flourished.
Music was the main course already from a young age. During his teenage years, he created a characteristic interaction between his trembling low key voice, simple and effective guitar playing and lyrics delivered with the mark of an old soul.
Nicky William took the Swedish music industry and audience by storm and as Nicky is setting up for his spring EP release he has already teamed up with Blixten&Co for touring and with Ster...

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