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Dollhouse is a Swedish rock & soul band, who released three albums; The Rock & Soul Circus, Royal Rendezvous (produced by Nicke Andersson of The Hellacopters) and Rock & Roll Revival. They broke up during the spring of 2011, but are re-uniting for 2015, with ex-Hellacopters/Thunder Express/Dundertåget guitarist Robert Dahlqvist.

In 2003 Dollhouse met Michael Davis of the MC5 in London and handed him a copy of their first single. Only days later he sent an e-mail with a wish to produce a full length album, saying “this is what the MC5 wanted to sound like and i would love to work with you guys!”.
Overwhelmed by the words of Michael Davis Dollhouse packed their bags and flew to Los Angeles in December 2003 to record what w...

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