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Lilith Eve i Kungsan

Anja Hallner

Jenny Holmgren

Jenny Holmgren is a swedish singer-songwriter based in Stockholm. Jenny's debut album 'It's Like You Carry Wings' features her original music and was released in January 2014 (physical release June 2014). It is a modern country/folk album with pop and rock influences and in blending these different styles of music she has in many ways succeeded in creating her own unique sound. The elaborate guitar and voice arrangements by established guitarist Tassos Spiliotopoulos along with Jenny's colourful strong sound and witty lyrics makes this musical duo one to look out for.

Growing up in the far north of Sweden Jenny had a close connection to the nature and was inspired by its beauty, the majestic forests and open seas. She kne...

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Ninna Katarina Gudmundsson

Anna Pauline Andersson

Maria Nicander

Nelly Lindenstrand



Anna De Rim

Eleonora Butterflies

Ida Wiklund



This page refers to the Czech band Grape. Grape was also a UK band in the 1990s. For that band see the Last fm page for Bristol-based musician Pop Parker.

GRAPE - Výběr z hroznů

Čím déle hrají, tím více zrají. Hrozny, bobulky či barva bordeaux. GRAPE - šťavnaté & opojné hudební seskupení. Podmanivý hlas zpěvačky a tanečnice Hanky Říhové, dravý zvuk kytarového mága Marcela Flemra, hutná basová linka Tomáše Laciny a dynamický rytmus Mariana Petržely, dohromady tvoří energickou formaci, která už od roku 2005 vyzrává do osobité a nezaměnitelné hudební chuti. S minimálním počtem nástrojů dosahují plného a vyváženého zvuku. Ochutnejte GRAPE s jemným buketem v podobě soulu, květnatými tóny reggae a dráždivými tříslovinkam...

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Vanity BLVD

Vanity Blvd. was formed in Avesta, Sweden in 2005.

Shortly after, they were contacted by Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper) and producer, Chris Laney (Europe, Candlemass, Crash Diet).

Vanity Blvd. teamed up with Chris Laney at Platform Studio and recorded their debut album.

Markus Tagaris, the A&R at Gain (Hardcore Superstar, Lillasyster, Avatar) got a finished copy of the album and the band got a deal.

The first single, “Share My Pain” was released in Sweden 17th October - and the album was released in Europe 2008 . Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Hildur Höglind

Colours & Rhymes

Jane Helen

Cold and dark may be used to describe Oslo but that would hardly be the case for these five mysterious ladies. Back in 2002, three of them convinced of their invincibility and determined to make their presence known, planted the seeds of song and from the seedling a spirit formed into Jane Helen. Jane Helen is Dordi’s enchanted voice and rhythmic bass, Christine pounding drums and Sandra punkin’ out her guitar; that is until one fateful night at a concert the trio were attending when they decided that they were going to snatch the drummer. A few dirty tricks later, the girls found themselves with a new drummer, Mona. Christine took over the vocal duties with her rock & roll attitude. Two short months after that fateful night, Jane Helen ...

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Ida Naira

Malin Karolina