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Shabazz the Disciple (US)

Shabazz the Disciple (born David Collins) is an emcee from the Red Hook Houses of Red Hook, Brooklyn. He is mostly associated with the Wu-Tang Clan. He was discovered by the RZA prior to the release of the Wu's debut album Enter the Wu-Tang as he was a founding member of the Sunz of Man, back then they were known as Da Last Future and entirely produced by Supreme. He even gets a shout out on the intro to "Clan In Da Front".

After hooking up with the Wu-Tang, Shabazz made two guest appearances on the first Gravediggaz album 6 Feet Deep in 1994, and then he signed to the GZA Entertainment management agency. He remained an official member of Sunz Of Man until just before the group released its debut LP The Last Shall Be First; hi...

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