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Deals Death

Deals Death is a Melodic Death Metal band from Sweden.

Deals Death was created in 2008 in Borlänge, Sweden. The debut album "Internal Demons" (with a guest solo from Alexander Kouppala EX-CHILDREN OF BODOM) was recorded at Boomtown studios and mixed by Peter Tägtgren. Back then, members from SABATON were part of the lineup. They played alot of shows including one with the symphony orchestra of Dalarna. After some time Deals Death found new blood in Gothenburg and have had its base there for over 2 years now. The second album "ELITE" was recorded in May 2010 and has still not gotten an official releasedate. ELITE is mixed and mastered by the guitarrist of SCAR SYMMETRY, Jonas Kjellgren. Read more on . User-contributed ...

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There are at least two artists with the name Locals.

1. A Two Piece lofi pop-punk band from Pennsylvania
2. A Florida Alternative Punk band

1. A Two Piece lofi pop-punk band from Pennsylvania consisting of members Steven Taylor (Girl War II, Saint Saira, Trip The Lights Fantastic) and Mandy Stayer (Lady Magnus and the Flea Poppers)

2. A Florida Alternative Punk band, that currently has a three song demo out now for free!
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