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Folk Festival

Ulla Pirttijärvi

Ulla Pirttijärvi is regarded as one of the finest artists from Sápmi ("Samiland").

She has worked with Frode Fjellheim who produced her albums in 1998 and 2002. Her newest album Áibbašeabmi was released in 2008.

"Traditional Sami music revolves around singing. The only traditional instruments are the flute "fadno" (made from Angelica archangelica) and drums, and purely instrumental music is unknown. Modern Sami bands use a wide variety of instruments, especially the fiddle and accordion.

"Improvised, highly spiritual songs called joiks (North Sami: luohti; South Sami: vuolle) are the most characteristic song type... Joiks do not rhyme, and have no definite structure. They are typically about any subject...

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Juha Mulari

Sabbath Hela Veckan

Sabbath hela veckan (Swedish for "Sabbath the whole week") is a klezmer band based in Stockholm, Sweden.
Founded in 1989 is it one of Sweden's oldest klezmer bands.


Nils Personne - Saxophone, Piano, Vocals.
Andreas Hedwall - Trombone, Vocals.
Lauri Antila - Contrabass.
Niklas Sundén - Accordion.
Jimmy Friedman - Violin, Vocals.
Peter Bothén - Clarinet.

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