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The Beards (AU)

There are three bands calling themselves The Beards - one from Adelaide, Australia, another from Norway, and the third a U.S. sideproject of several female musicians.

1) Beard based band from Adelaide Australia

The Beards play "Bearded Music for Bearded People" and are the only band in the world playing solely beard based music. They have been officially invited to play the opening ceremony of the 2009 World Beard and Moustache Championships in Alaska.

Remember - "It only takes a fortnight to grow a decent beard."

2) Indie pop band from Trondheim, Norway.

The Beards´ debut album "Ut på tur", was released on New Year´s Eve 2007. In December 2008 came "Hoston, vi har et problem", a tri...

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Toehider (AU)

Toehider are a progressive rock act from Melbourne, Australia. After releasing a Queen-inspired self-titled EP in 2008, singer/songwriter Michael Mills bypassed the "difficult second album syndrome" by releasing 12 EPs in 12 months. Exploring a wide array of musical styles and working with Brisbane illustrator Andrew Saltmarsh, each album came out on the 12th of each month complete with artwork and a 2-page comic.

18 months after the 12in12 project was completed, the follow up and debut full length "To Hide Her" was released, with lead single "The Most Popular Girl In School" really showcasing the whimsical epic pop rock that the band do so well. It even came with a karaoke version.

The live band features ex-Soilwor...

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