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Rock at sea - 50 och 60-tal

The Sharks (UK)

Formed in the late 70's by Alan Wilson, the Sharks started as a Rockabilly band, but later moved towards a more neo-rockabilly/psychobilly feel.
Steve Whitehouse and Hodge joined in 1982, replacing the original drummer and bassist. This was now the classic Sharks line up that we have all grown up with.
The band's first album 'Phantom Rockers' was recorded in 1982 and released soon afterwards on Nervous Records. The band later spilt in 1983.
Steve went on to form Frenzy and has made a big success of it. Alan went on to carve a career as a record producer. Hodge could often be found playing in either Frenzy or some of Alan's studio and live projects.
The Sharks re-formed in 1993 with Alan Wilson on Guitar/vocals, Mo...

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