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Texas Blues Caravan

Birdlegg (US)

Andrea Dawson (US)

Ray Reed (US)

About Ray Reed

Ray Reed, from Maypearl, a small town just south of Ft. Worth, TX, was born the son of sharecroppers in 1940. Granddad Willie Parramore showed Ray his first string, and he learned his first song from Uncle Bob. Growing up he listened to records on his grandma’s Victrola such as Lightnin’ Hopkins, Little Son Jackson, and Rosetta Tharpe. He saved his money from working in the cotton fields and at the age of 16 he bought his first guitar at a pawn shop in Ft. Worth. Ray said, “my sister, Lady Pearl, would show me some things she had learned, and I would play behind her singing and whoever might be with her playing around the house. That’s how I got started.” Another local guitar player, Oscar Spurrul, was always ja...

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Milton Hopkins