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Keegan Mcinroe (US)

Keegan McInroe is a Texas based singer-songwriter. He was born in 1982 in Scotsdale, Arizona.

In 2003, Keegan McInroe participated in founding rock & roll outfit, Catfish Whiskey (2003-2009), in Fort Worth, TX.

Since 2008, he has troubadoured primarily as a solo artist performing and rambling all over Texas, the united States, and Europe.

He weaves threads from old country, old blues and folk together with his own voice and perspective to create an original tapestry of American roots music.

His influences include Willie Nelson, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead, Johnny Cash, Robert Johnson, Townes van Zandt, The Band, Ben Harper, and Widespread Panic.

McInroe has shared the s...

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