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The Hussy (US)

Garage/punk/trash/pop two piece from Madison, Wisconsin. Guy/Girl. Trash/Art. Stupid-sweet rock n roll. Bobby Hussy plays guitar and sings. Heather Hussy plays drums and sings. Highly prolific home recorders who have written, recorded and released over 100 unique songs since forming in the Summer of 2008.

GALORE (Southpaw Records 048) - June 2015
Split 12" with DIGITAL LEATHER (Southpaw Records 042) - May 2014
Pagan Hiss (Southpaw Records 034) - May 2013
Weed Seizure (Tic Tac Totally 056) - March 2012
Cement Tomb Mind Control (Slow Fizz OhTwo) - May 2011

EPS, and Singles:
"EZ PZ" 7" (Windian Records WIN 20044) - June 2014
"Clothes Mountan EP 10" (Red Lounge Re...

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Ill Wills


Bottlecap draws her inspiration from the ridges found on the backs of shells and West Coast misty afternoons. Her music can be described as solar and electric. She is, together with Grasseater, a member of the experimental trio, Anchovy Regime and her work shines through on that band's more textured and springy tracks. Bottlecap is currently working on her first solo album, Mockodile, due to be independently released in 2010. Her work has also been featured on the Indie videogame, Lonely as a Cloud.

When asked how she got the name Bottlecap as her recording alias, she responded with "Years of practice." Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may ap...

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