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Libertad O Muerte (UY)

Libertad o Muerte (“Freedom or Death”) is a band from Montevideo, Uruguay, formed in January 2013.
They can be defined as a Death Melodic band, and since their first live show in November 2013, they’ve had a sustained growth, seducing not only metal heads, but also a wide range of audiences.
They are Juan Benia (vocals), Rodrigo Quijano and Wilson Valerio (guitars), Martín Bangueses (bass) and Daniel Jerez (drums).
In September 2014, they recorded and mixed their first studio album called “Karma Error”. It was completely recorded live in Montevideo Records studios, and all the compositions and production, was made by the band themselves.
The album was an independent release, and with the novelty it can be downloaded f...

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