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Day-mar (NL)

The Playah (NL)

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Art of Fighters (IT)

Art of Fighters started out in Brescia (Italy) in 1997, from the idea of 3 guys: Cristian Nardelli, Matteo Pitossi and Luca Lorini.

Thanks to FastTracker, 3 years of try-outs, tons of rejected tracks and the big help of the Stunned Guys, the first record The Beat Can't Change came to life in the year 2000. In 2001 their second E.P. Artwork appeared in the stores, definately putting them on the map of hardcore. Their tracks appeared on many compilations and their fame began to expand.

In the end of 2002 they decided to switch FastTracker for some more professional equipment: a few months after that, Earthquake was released. It was a big success; the record was played by most of the big names of all the nations. Thank...

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The Sickest Squad (IT)

Before the birth of the Sick dj Team in the summer of 2000, Xtr and Tnd had collaborated for a year. Their first apparition together is in Tnd’s pub: Eretika. At beginning the team played lot’s of genres: techno, hardcore, industrial e breakcore. At the same time Sirio made one of the most interesting internet website: “”, from which are promoted some tracks of the Sick. In a small time the collaboration with the webmaster as been increased with a final official entrance of him in the team. One year later the three djs decided to released an E.P., “SICK 001” with six tracks, including, Inspector Fucker. The idea is that of a self production, but the problems were lots, so they proposed their project to whom knows ver...

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Triple Six