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Dariush (IR)

There are 3 artists named Dariush;
1. DARIUSH A.K.A SarbazSefr is an iranian hiphop artist.
2. Dariush Fattahi, a techno producer
3. Dariush Eghballi. The description below is for Eghballi an Iranian singer.

Dariush Eghballi (born February 4, 1951) is a Persian (Iranian) pop singer (see also داریوش). Dariush Eghbali was born in Miyaneh and spent his early years in Karaj and Kurdistan. His talent was first recognized at an early age of nine, when he appeared on stage at his school. Hassan Khayatbashi introduced him to the public at the age of twenty through Iranian television. He immediately became popular with his legendary song "Do not tell me you love me" his contemporary and unique style opened a new era in t...

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