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Passiv Dödshjälp

The band started playing together during the spring of 2007, back then as a four set piece. The idea was to create a melodic crust punk band with no boundaries to the typical scene rules; "do this, do that - if not, you're not true enough.." bla bla bla, fuck that.
All the members comes from different bands such as Asylium (death metal), S.O. Detestation (grindcore), The Act (screamo) and Cicatriz (post-metal), among others.. so the mix between both metal as well as hardcore punk have been coming to us in a pretty natural way. The lyrics, written in Swedish, mostly have a focus set on cynical and sarcasm-filled hate.

By now we are rehearsing, writing new songs, planning for upcoming releases and it feels fucking great! On...

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Myteri is a D.I.Y band from Gothenburg/Falkoping/Kristinehamn, Sweden who play melodic crust.

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