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Three piece outfit from the deep woods of Sweden that will always do what the hell they please. Featuring members from: Nekrokült, Domination, Decapitate, (ex-) Vomitory and Gehennah.

Turbocharged was formed back in March 2000 as a trio during a few drunken binges at the local hangout. The idea took shape in a bar but soon moved to a cellar nearby to complete the mayhem. Two months later the first demo was recorded but never released officially. As the years went by the band added members, replaced members and kicked out members and from the original trio the band had as much as five steady members at some points and eventually the lineup ended up being a trio again holding the strongest wills ever to be called Turbocharged. I...

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Slaughtbbath (CL)

Slaughtbbath was formed in mid 2002 by SkullShredder (guitar) and SelfDesecrator (vocals) in San Vicente de Tagua Tagua, being one of the first real Black/Death Metal bands within the regional scene.
By the next year some rehearsals were recorded with a complete line up with C.M. Butcher in bass and Apolyun in drums. Nevertheless, those recordings where not edited until a year later, when Shredder and Desecrator became a duo once more due to the lack of interest of the last 2 members. Thus by mid 2004 a primitive homemade rehearsal recording is released, simply entitled “Rehearsal 2003”, of which about 30 copies where spread.
During a new search for members, Negro arrives to the band in early 2005, remaining as the drummer till...

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Violentor (IT)

Violentor is a thrash/speed metal band with crust punk influences, from Lucca - Firenze, Italy. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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