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The Warlocks (US)

There have been at least 3 bands under the name of The Warlocks.
1. A neo-psychedelic rock band
2. An early name of Grateful Dead
3. An early name of The Velvet Underground

1. The Warlocks are an American rock band based out of Los Angeles. Their music has been defined as neo-psychedelia, but much of it spans multiple genres.
After forming in 1999, the ever-changing personnel of The Warlocks meant that the band had already toured nineteen different members before it was slimmed to the classic seven-piece outfit that established their reputation. Consisting of Bobby Hecksher (Vocals/Guitar), J.C. Rees (guitar), Ryan McBride (guitar), Jenny Fraser (Bass), Laura Grigsby (Tambourine/Keys), Bob Mustachio (Drums)...

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The Hex Dispensers (US)

The Hex Dispensers are from Austin, Texas. The band was formed on 06/06/2006 by singer/guitarist Alex Cuervo, guitarist Tom Kodiak, and drummer Alyse Mervosh. They were later joined by bassist Dave Bessenhoffer who toured and recorded with the band until 2010. The current lineup consists of Alex Cuervo, Alyse Mervosh and Rebecca Whitley, who joined in 2010 on bass.

The Hex Dispensers - LP (Alien Snatch!, 2007, Snatch! 042)
Forest Ray Colson's Pile O' Meat - Split 7" (Hook or Crook, 2007, Hook 013)
Lose My Cool - 7" Single (Douchemaster, 2008, DMR 015)
My Love is a Bat - 7" European Tour Single (Alien Snatch!, 2008, Snatch! 047)
Winchester Mystery House - LP (Alien Snatch!, Douchemaster, ...

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Brahma Loka (UK)