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Morgana Lefay

Originating from 2 Swedish metal bands ,1986 formed
Damage's lineup with 85' former Sepher Jezirah vocalist, replacing the second guitarist, the band changed their name to "Morgana Lefay" before releasing a self-financed album named "Symphony Of The Damned" in 1989 with glowing reviews and responses. The second release dubbed "Rumours Of Rain" in 1991 was a demo tape of convincing quality, which got them a contract at the Black Mark label, in 1993 releasing "Knowing Just As I" album , echoing worldwide, followed by a european tour.After another second guitarist replacement, a third 1995 "Sanctified" album is released. Taking a festival like European tour with, Tad Morose, Memento Mori & Cemetery, and another one with Gamma Ray late...

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