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Emerald (UK)

There are at least four bands with this name:

One of the crown jewels of the Holland Heavy Metal scene!
We have to go back to the mid 70s to find the origin of Emerald. At this time the 2 school friends Bert Kivits and Allard Ekkel decided to start a band and call it Warrior. Of course there were later a number of bands called Warrior, only in Holland alone there were a few of them. So at the end of ’83 the name is changed into Emerald, inspired by a song from Thin Lizzy. It takes until ’84 when the band records a 4 track demo. The songs shows the guys are very much into Picture and Ozzy Osbourne. What everyone directly hears is the extremely high pitched voice from singer Bert Kivits. It’s a love or hate thing a...

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