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Keep of Kalessin (NO)

Keep of Kalessin are a Blackened Death Metal band that spawned back in 1994, under the name Ildskjaer, by the hand of Ghâsh and Obsidian C., later joined by Vyl and Warach. The band's violent yet dark and epic black metal - as well as the somewhat mysterious monicker and lyrics - are inspired by the work of American fantasy writer Ursula K. Le Guin's "The Farthest Shore". With this concept in mind, the guys recorded the first demo "Skygger Av Sorg" in the Fall of 1996, though several problems in finding a proper rehearsal room made this task rather difficult. As a matter of fact, the lack of practice resulted in an untight performance on tape and a consequent limited distribution for it. Only ten labels and magazines received it but the ...

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Vreid (NO)

Vreid is a black metal band from Sogndal, Norway.

After the tragic death of Valfar in January 2004, some of the Windir members decided to end Windir, and put their energy into other projects.

Hváll formed a new band, called Vreid. Vreid is a Norwegian word for wrath. Vreid consists of the 3 Windir members Hváll (bass), Steingrim (drums), Sture (vocals/guitar) and a new guitarist named Ese. Ese has been a close friend of the Vreid members for years, and he was co-engineer on Windir's Likferd album.

Hváll wrote most of the material for the debut album entitled Kraft. The music was described as a natural continuance of the music Hváll wrote for Windir and Ulcus, but with its own personal sound. A mixture of...

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Vredehammer was founded by Per Valla in March 2009 in Mo I Rana, Norway. After having released several albums with his band Elite and before that; Allfader, Per decided it was time to see how it would sound if he started a band on his own where he could also take care of the vocals himself. The band received worldwide attention already from the first day their songs were put out on myspace. At this time there were only demo songs available on the site, but these songs were the reason why the band was offered more than 20 record-deals during the first two months online. On April 20th 2010, Per Valla released his first Vredehammer EP: "4.September" through "Obscure Abhorrence Productions" and the debut was a success! The band was immediate...

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