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There are at least three artists recording under the name of Tifa

1) Mladen Vojičić - Tifa is a Rock singer from Bosnia and Herzegovina, born in Sarajevo in 1960. (See below)

2) Tifa (born Latifa Brown) is a Jamaican female deejay

3) Tifa is a folk group from the island Timor in the Indonesian archipelago. Tifa sing in three different languages whilst striking a bamboo instrument called a Takadau.

Mladen Vojičić - Tifa began his career in 1979 as a bass player in a Heavy Metal band Prvi Čin. The same year, he left Prvi Čin and became a member of a jazz-rock band Kako Kad, where he soon started singing for the first time. He also sang in three more bands, Paradox, Top and Teška Industrija,...

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