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Jonathan Johansson

Just a few years ago, the term Swedish pop was more or less synonymous with the 1960s: chipper hooks, throwback arrangements, turtlenecks, and soft-focus album covers. But in a very short time, the country's indie output-- at least as perceived from these shores-- seems to have advanced two decades, with acts like the Legends and Pacific! finding inspiration in the sounds of the early 1980s. In this regard, Jonathan Johansson is a new romantic, but not necessarily a New Romantic. He doesn't dress outlandishly or portray himself as particularly androgynous, but that label (those two words divorced of their pop-historical meaning) nicely sum up the bruised emotionalism and chilly synthcraft of his Swedish-language debut, En hand i himlen (...

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Nicky William

The 19-year-old artist Nicky William has been acknowledged for his unique voice. Some even dare to compare Nicky with the legendary Johnny Cash.
From a mixture of small town-syndromes and archipelago idylls, among the quarters of Oxelösund, the distinctive singer/songwriter Nicky William flourished.
Music was the main course already from a young age. During his teenage years, he created a characteristic interaction between his trembling low key voice, simple and effective guitar playing and lyrics delivered with the mark of an old soul.
Nicky William took the Swedish music industry and audience by storm and as Nicky is setting up for his spring EP release he has already teamed up with Blixten&Co for touring and with Ster...

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