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Larisa Cof

Bill Yard



Kollektiv plays a rather avant-garde music inspired by both elements of psychedelic music, electronics combined with Jazz interfits. The band was originally composed of Jogi Karpenkiel (bass) who joined the band "The Phantoms", an utterly pop band who changed their name to become the" Rambo Zambo Bluesband"," Bluesology" and finally Organisation. Jogi Karpenkiel and Klaus Dapper (tenor/baritone/soprano saxes, flutes) got out of "Bluesology" to form the band "The Generals", which will later change their style and will finally start to be known as Kollektiv when both Waldemar Karpenkiel (drums) and Jürgen Havix (guitar, sitar) joined them to form the definitive lineup. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Cr...

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