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Asta Kask

Asta Kask is a punk band from Töreboda, Sweden. It was founded as X-tas in 1978, but changed to Asta Kask in 1980. In 1984 the band started working with Rosa Honung Records. After the 1986 release of the "Aldrig en LP" the band split up.

Bjurren and Bonnie started Cosa Nostra, Micke joined Strebers and Ernie started NEIN together with members of Rolands Gosskör.

In 1989 the band was reunited and played a few gigs, but then went dormant until 1992 when they played at Rosa Honung's ten year jubilee. Then the band went quiet again until 2003 when they started touring again as a "revenge" for all the unfairness they've been put through. The drummer, Bjurre, quit the band in late 2004 to focuson his other bands Frost and...

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Våldsamt Motstånd

Formed in February 2010 by Mikael Larsson (e.a.t.e.r), Martin Rönnlund (Babylon Disco, Kill All Humans, IYOV) Nils Rådström (Suppression) and Emil Edman (Destruktiv). First demo (Lagen om alltings jävlighet) recorded in May of 2010, mixed by Martin Gronert at Gjuteriet, Karlstad. In August 2010 Nils is replaced by David Jansson (A.R.S.E.L. m.fl.). Våldsamt Motstånd record their second demo (Högre tempo - djupare gravar) in november 2010. Also this time at Gjuteriet, working with M. Gronert. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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