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Ahmad Al-khatib

Following in the footsteps of the great virtuosos, Mohie Eddin Haidar, Jamil Bashir and Munir Bashir, Ahmad Al-Khatib is a rising star as a Oud soloist, mastering the modern techniques of the Iraqi school of Oud performance – a style that transcends boundaries taking the Oud to areas never reached before in the classical style.
Ahmad was born in Jordan to Palestinian refugee parents, and he started to study the Oud with the Palestinian musician Ahmad Abdel Qasem. He later enrolled at Al-Yarmouk University in Jordan where he studied music and Cello playing, graduating with honours in 1997. During his studies, he performed with several oriental music ensembles such as the Al-Yarmouk Musical Quartet, and in Oud and violin duos with ...

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