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Four (or more) artists have gone by the name Cortex: a French jazz-funk group from the 70s, a Swedish punk band, a Spanish metalcore band, a Macedonian thrash/death band and a experimental Belgian project by Alain Neffe, a Norwegian free jazz quartet.

1. A French jazz funk group from the seventies.
Key members were Alain Mion (Piano) and Alain Gandolfi (drums, percussion). Cortex recorded several albums and singles for the Sonodisc label. 2 albums got re-issued: 'Troupeau Bleu' (on 'Dare-Dare') and 'Volume 2' (on 'Follow Me').

2. A Swedish punk or post-punk band from Gothenburg.
Freddie Wadling sang the songs, played bass and wrote all the songs. Freddie Wadling had earlier played in many important swedi...

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