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(Not to be confused with T-Love the Hip-Hop artist).

T.Love started as a punk rock band “Teenage Love Alternative” in Częstochowa (Poland) in 1982. The lineup at that time consisted of Zygmunt “Muniek” Staszczyk (vocalist), Janusz Konorowski (guitarist), Dariusz Zając (keyboardist) and Jacek Wudecki (drummer). They quickly gained popularity, partly due to their infamous habit of giving shows under influence, and were chosen to perform during Jarocin Festival in 1984. The band changed their name to T.Love in 1987, and went on a 2-year hiatus in 1989. Staszczyk reactivated the band in 1991 with a new lineup and more pop rock sound. Today, T.Love are: Jacek Perkowski, Maciej Majchrzak (guitarists), Sidney Polak (drummer), Paweł N...

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