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Jacques Werup

Jacques Werup, (January 14 1945 – November 12 2016) was a Swedish musician, author, poet, stage artist and screenwriter born in Malmö, Sweden.

Werup's poetry is often associated to jazz. He was a childhood friend of Mikael Wiehe and Göran Skytte and had his first novel published in 1971. He has co-written many songs with long-time collaborator and composer Michael Saxell for various projects including Gör mig lite levande which is a CD and nationwide stage show with Swedish singer Lill Lindfors and En känsla av ljus, which is a concert Werup and Saxell wrote and performed with Mats Ronander and Benneth Fagerlund. Werup now lives in Ystad.

In 1997 Werup got the Ferlinpriset together with Ola Magnell, and was 2003 aw...

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